We have gifts, wines, art and decor items
stemware, wine toys and tools, along with
music and other joyful indulgences for
your hearth and cellar.    

Our wines come from around the world.  We feature an assortment
of reds, whites, sparkling and dessert wines .  

New and exciting products and events happen right here.  We have special private
tasting parties with live musical entertainment such as our Champagne and Caviar
party.  We also celebrate Marilyn Monroes' Birthday where we present and taste
the newest vintage of "Marilyn Merlot".   So............. come on in and get on our
mailing list or just email us with your contact information and we'll keep you
posted on upcoming events.
Top of the line battery operated candles in a
variety of types and sizes many with built-in
Lighted flowers in plum, cherry, orchid styles,
also willow, pussy willow, and fuzzy pussy
willow are available. (Magnolia, Japanese
lantern, rose, and hydrangea styles are on
the way).  Short and tall styles available in
AWESOME handcrafted and mouth blown
glass jellyfish in a variety of colors and sizes.
They even glow in the dark!!!!!!
NEW Flor-a-Lites!!!!
White Roses and
Japanese Lanterns in both
Orange ands Red
(Click the Flor-a-Lites Tab)
The Keeping Room
Wine, Gifts, and Wine Decor
7811 Pioneer Way, Gig Harbor     253 858 9170    
phone or fax                 email  the_keeping_room@comcast.net
Gig Harbor's Only Wine Gift Shop
In business for 19 years
In beautiful downtown Gig Harbor
Our Must See
Best Selling Products!!!!!!
Flameless Battery Operated Candles
  • Provide a soothing ambiance with no flame, no
    smoke, no melted wax.
  • Glow and flicker like real candles
  • Are real wax candles only with batteries
  • Are safe to use around children, pets, and
            the elderly
  • Perfect for boats, dorm rooms, offices, and as
    night lights and/or security lighting
Lighted Flowers are sold in              
various boxed light sets waiting for      
your creative genius or you can find     
them in pre-made arrangements  by
A Mill Road Home
Click the flowers for
more information
The new
Norma Jean
is in!
Come on in
and pick it up